Complete Lighting Design Services

Since 1999, Gianni Fulvio has worked on numerous prestigious national and international projects including extensive work with long time client, Bergdorf Goodman, to provide a full scope of services for interior and exterior lighting applications.

Retrofit & Remodel

We specialize in retrofitting your existing lighting with the latest
energy saving LED technology lighting components.
In most cases, we can give your lighting a completely new look
and functionality, without the construction costs associated
with replacing the entire light fixture.

When projects call for the addition or relocation of lighting fixtures,
we excel at finding the best solutions to minimize any alteration to
your existing drywall, stone or woodwork.

We can also adapt linear LED solutions to existing display and
millwork details or seamlessly integrate them into your existing



Lighting Control Design And Programming

Our custom lighting control systems can be outfitted
to control everything from simple dimming levels – to
color temperature, color changes, motion control and
remote automation.


Custom Light Fixture Design And Fabrication

Our keen design sense, state-of-the-art engineering and fabrication
capabilities enable us to support the full scope of your custom lighting
project. We brainstorm with you in order to develop concepts that meet
your aesthetic, functional and budgetary objectives.Have a vision?
Let us bring it to life with our custom lighting fabrication service.

Light Fixture Focus And Fixture Maintenance

Point of purchase and accent lighting focus is perhaps one of the
most important, yet most overlooked aspects of your lighting design.
We understand that even the best of lighting designs are ineffective
without the post installation focus, aiming and adjusting stage.

Be it newly installed lighting or an existing lighting system, our lighting
professionals will repair, adjust, focus, re-lamp and redirect to ensure
your lighting achieves it’s true potential.

Antique Fixture Restoration

Our world class artisans can restore, rebuild or re-create your
antique light fixtures and guarantee them for as long as you
own them.  Each light is stripped of its old wiring and rewired in
accordance with UL Safety Standards. We clean and restore all
cut glass pendants, bringing them back to their former glory.
Frayed and worn parts are replaced as well as any broken glass
which is carefully matched from our antique glass stock collection.
We also offer a complete polishing, highlight and re-plating service.