About Us...

GIANNI FULVIO INC. is an LEED AP, LC, IES accredited firm of lighting design & service professionals. Our sharp architectural and functional design methodology is born out of hospitality, retail and gallery expertise where considered flow and specific focus is critical.

Our Concept

Our concept of Illumination is, above all else, to focus on the effective realization and implementation of our client’s vision and Identity.¬†Our strength is in combining creativity and hands on technical skill, with a vast knowledge of the newest advances in lighting technology.


Our Goal

Our goal is to build close relationships with our clients through personal attention and unparalleled service.

Our many years of experience have honed our abilities and established a reputation for creating amazing lighting designs – on time and within budget.

Our Work

Our vast experience is the product of servicing the lighting design and distribution needs of the most discerning clients.